7 Awesome Web Designers Who Are Women

By Patty
In Design
Feb 12th, 2015


This week, I contributed a piece for Awesomely Techie which features seven awesome women web designers who are WINNING at this web game. Check the snippet below:

Women are in Tech. We can design, we can code and we can specialize in developing online solutions. More women are represented in the field of technology than ever before, and the numbers are steadily rising as the doors continue to open for them to explore these career paths.

Although gender disparities and pay gaps still exist within the tech industry, many women are boldly leaving their footprints on this field, while kicking down doors and shattering the glass ceiling.

[There are] seven awesome women in the web industry who are making notable contributions by creating and shaping the online experiences of many. We salute the female web designers and developers who stand in the trenches by plowing through design layers, or meticulously writing clean lines of code in their efforts to make the Internet a fun space for us all. The unique perspectives that women bring to web design and development are invaluable: especially since women spend more time and money online than their male counterparts.

Women designers and developers have much to bring to the table, and are worthy of snatching every seat they can get.

For the full list of these awesome web designers, check out the rest of this article at AwesomelyTechie.com.

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